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Finding Tickets

We've set up tags and search tools this year to help you to quickly find the North Pole Express and Santa Special tickets that you want without scrolling through multiple pages or menus. 

In the left hand column of the page, there are five search categories:

  • Day of Week (Monday through Sunday)
  • December (All December dates)
  • November (All November dates)
  • Ticket Class (First Class or Coach)
  • Time (Available departure times)

On a mobile device, click the Filters button to see these options.

If you are looking for ONLY Saturday tickets, simply click the Saturday check-box under Day of the Week and only Saturday departures will be shown.

If you are looking for a specific date, click that date under November or December

You can further fine-tune your search by clicking a specific Departure Time (5:00 / 5:30 / 7:00 / 7:30) and/or a specific Ticket Class (First Class / Coach)


  1. You may need to manually clear a selection. For instance, if you check Sat Dec 16 and also Friday, no tickets will be displayed, since these choices are mutually exclusive.
  2. Similarly, if you click a December date and then decide to check a November date instead, you need uncheck to December date or no tickets will be shown.
  3. You will not be able to click multiple check-boxes (for instance, Friday & Saturday & Sunday) - just one at a time. 
  4. To start over and see all available tickets, simply click the North Pole Express, NPE (First), Santa Special, or SS (First) menu option